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Widows and single ladies understand the unique impact of living without a spouse. Together through faith we become strong again

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What we do.
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Giving to those who lost.

Giving of a monthly benevolence box to those in need to help them with the time ahead

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How we help.

Gathering together on a weekly basis with prayer and encouragement to give strength to those in need of it for the week ahead.

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Services offered

Weekly Power Meetings to help you gate strength for the week ahead.

Monthly Benevolence Boxes for those in need.

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When I lost my husband I felt so alone, I had troubles both mentally and physically, Anna's Gate helped me through some of the darkest times in my life and with the love of God i was able to live again.


My Husband Passed away suddenly back in 2011, I had no idea what to do, i was lost and felt like a part of me was ripped away, after 34 years of marriage, I was broken. Then someone told me about Anne's Gate with the help they offered it made the troubled times easier. Thank you so much Anne's Gate.